At Allensoft, we exercise the agile development methodology to ensure the best results. Under this methodology, we divide our project up into several sprints, each lasting a month in time. At the beginning of each sprint, we meet with our client to discuss the development plan and set the tasks to be implemented within the coming month. Concluding each sprint, we deliver what has been accomplished, review completed assignments and collect your feedback. This method is effective because it enables our client to be involved throughout the entire process and ensures that what we deliever is exactly what you need.


Phase I: Strategy & Research

Because great design starts by understanding your problems, we:

We Provide:

  1. Design brief describing  the project’s goals and parameters
  2. Detailed schedule to guide the process


Phase II: Creative Exploration & Design Development

Here is where we begin to introduce intuitive thinking into our problem-solving process. Through creative thinking exercises and collaborative discourse, we:

We Provide:

  1.  Strategic design concepts for evaluation
  2.  Refined design direction for the chosen design direction


Phase III: Production Management & Implementation

At this phase we sweat the details, ensuring that every element works to aid the communication goal of the project. Once the final design is ready to produce, we:

We Provide:

  1. Production proofs for proofing and refinement as needed
  2. Production management for the finished project
  3. The finished project


Phase VI: Outcome Evaluation

Our work isn’t done after the project delivers. We: